February 3rd is Setsubun, the division of seasons.
On the Setsubun day, everyone throw beans at Oni!


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A red devil appears!

Oni ga deta deta. Akaoni da! (おにが でたでた あかおにだ!)

Throw beans at him! Go away, go away!

Mame make don don. Oni wa soto! (まめまけ どんどん おには そと!)

And now a blue devil appears!

Kondo wa ao oni yattekita! (こんどは あおおに やってきた!)

Throw beans! Throw beans! Luck, come here!

Dondoko mame make. Fuku wa uchi! (どんどこ まめまけ ふくは うち!)

Good bye devils, wanna come again next year?

Oni san sayonara mata rainen! (おにさん さよなら また らいねん!)

Let’s eat beans only the numbers of age.

Toshi no kazu dake mame tabeyo. (としの かずだけ まめ たべよ)

Beans doesn’t fill me up!

Kodomo niwa mame wa monotarinu. (こどもにゃ まめは ものたりぬ)

Here is fortune sushi roll, you can eat up everything!

Marutto otabeyo ehoumaki! (まるっと おたべよ えほうまき!)


Oshimai (おしまい)


Setsubun means “seasonal division”. Setsubun is especially February 3rd, that day is the beginning of the spring. On the day of setsubun, everyone throw the soy beans outside at first, it is because oni (Japanese devil) comes from outside. And then, throw beans inside of the house, it is because that fortune will come to do so. We say these soy beans “fuku mame” in Japanese. “Fuku” means fortune, and “mame” means beans. After throw the beans, we pick up and eat them only the numbers of own age, praying for health and good luck of next year. (*Setsubun is about new year’s division in old calendar of Japan.)

We also eat ehoumaki on the setsubun day. Ehoumaki is the sushi roll, that brings good luck to people who eat it. Eat up everything in one go, facing the favorable direction of this year (the direction is changed every year), and you will get good luck.



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