WHITE-BLACK-RED! 3 colors only, no words

For babies, especially about 6 months of age.
Simple and cute illustration!


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I made this picture book for my daughter when she was a little baby. I drew all illustrations using Microsoft Word. Why white, black and red? It is because that newborns cannot see well the not clear lines and pale colors.

Newborns can see from birth, just not as clearly as an older child or adult. Until your child is about six months of age, he will respond best to bold, contrasting colors and graphics. That’s why it’s important to provide your baby with toys that feature the visual extremes of black, white and red.


I wanted to get a white-black-red picture book or a toy, but most of them were too expensive to buy for me. That’s why I made this picture book. I printed out and put them on the wall, so that my daughter can see the illustrations.

If you want to try white-black-red books or toys before buy ones, please use this book by all means!

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